Please forgive the current anonymous status of my blog. I am new to blogging, and concerned about privacy, mostly related to family members who may not understand or accept me fully. I do see this as a growth process, and over time hope to be more authentic with my family members. But I am not there yet. About me: I am a 48y/o childless SWF, raised Southern Baptist, ordained minister in my young adulthood, (not practicing currently), substance abuse counselor x about the past 18-19 yrs, lover of nature and god, artist-at-heart, amateur potter, living and coping with depression, trying to face struggles and problems, seeking a path of leaning into living instead of despair. I hope sharing my experiences will be of some use and encouragement to folks who choose to read, as it has always since adolescence (and some in childhood) helped me to sort through experiences by writing. Thank-you for stopping by and may you be blessed. 100_7541


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  1. You are not alone, you are very brave as you start this new journey, by marking a line in the sand as you begin this next phase of your life as a blogger. I started mine in January, never thinking that anyone would be interested in reading the musings of a 50-something three-times married mum of three who has struggled in life with many difficulties and challenges. How wrong could I be?
    You know it in your faith, God is faithful, He gives you hope, and so long as you have hope, then you have a foundation to build upon. Find your voice and write. We will follow and read. Be blessed and know that many will support you along the way.
    Love the kitty photo, we have 2 cats and I blog about them from time to time! Thank you for following my blog, I do hope that you will find something at my ‘cyber’ summerhouse to interest you. I am now following you, and I look forward to sharing your journey…have a lovely day 🙂

  2. When I started blogging, I was also concerned about my anonymity. This is your space. Feel free to share as much or as little as you wish. All the best on your journey. It really is a wonderful growing experience.

  3. I love the artwork on your blog 🙂 And like the others have said “You’re not alone”. I’ve also nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find out about it on my blog 🙂

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