Sometimes One Must Touch a Rock



Today, my rock was a friend. I give thanks for being grounded by friendship.


help my unbelief


veteran's day 2013 076

When it is just me and my thoughts, sometimes I struggle. During this last episode of depression, I’ve become aware of just how unkind I can be to myself when left alone with my thoughts. Mindfulness helps decrease the volume on the thoughts, and I’m trying to remember Love exists, in and around me. That helps. God is Love, Love is God. I asked God to come back to my spirit. Please, come dwell in me. I believe, help my unbelief.

I’m listening to the Indigo Girls down low on my work computer during the day, because their music is filled with Love, on so many levels. It is another tangible anchor reminding me Love exists, not to panic.

I’m wearing a ring my grandmother gave me before she died, one I never thought I deserved. I thought, if she knew everything about me, she might not have wanted to give it to me. So I didn’t wear it. I’m trying now, instead, to trust in her love. She was someone I felt deeply connected to.

I was loved, and I am loved, and Love exists, whether I’m tuned into it or not. This is helping me today, with my ongoing anxiety about anything and everything. It is helping me relax in Love.

“When you touch the seed of understanding, mindfulness, and lovingkindness to you, you make these qualities stronger for both your own happiness and the happiness of other people and all living beings around you.” -Thich Nhat Hanh